a-project is developing flexible frameworks of modular tectonics – exploring versatile structures of frame and module manipulation as enclosures that move between “frame”, “surface”, “space” and “object” and allow for complex descriptions formed from primitive architectural elements.

The constructions allow for the multiple translations and reconstructions of form, scale and material – creating an involving framework of diverse structures of data and form that can be translated through varied specific locations and environments to deliver varied interventions and spaces.

The following images present some initial examples of the possibilities in simple framed enclosures, surfaces, walls, floors and roofs:

141106_Modular construction 2

141106_Modular construction 22

141106_Modular construction 23

141106_Modular construction 24

141106_Modular construction 25

141106_Modular construction 26

141106_Modular construction 27

141106_Modular construction 28

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