module tectonics 3 _ brick

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a-project continues to develop flexible frameworks of modular tectonics, and in this case investigates the potential in complex and flexible manipulations of basic brick components and supporting structure. The wall surfaces challenge the material limitations – moving between the structural requirements of masonry construction to walls that are structured in addition to module accumulation.

The constructions allow for the multiple translation and reconstruction of form, scale and material – here developing an involving framework of brick components as a multiple field of potential.

The following images present some initial examples of the possibilities in wall distributions:

141115_Modular construction 3

141115_Modular construction 32

141115_Modular construction 33

141115_Modular construction 34

141115_Modular construction 35

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a-project is an architectural design practice that provides a flexible architectural service that is responsive to the complexities of contemporary life and the varied situations of the built environment and client needs. It focusses on an open approach to design problems ā€“ responding to the multiple factors that shape the process of designing ā€“ from the social, economic and physical environmental challenges to historic, material and personal narratives.

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