a-project is developing the logics of extrusion and 3-dimensional surface manipulation of a flexible grid field in combination with an algorithmically varied framework, grid definition and structural construction.

a-project is introducing logics of surfacing and covering of a grid field within the fully digitally controlled structure of grid manipulation. The surface occupancy now further developing the potential applications for a wide range of shifting scales and uses. These surface constructions develop the digital sophistication and varied / multiple narratives and logics of formation with interrelated components, profiles and grid constructions.

This development of the approach extends the framework construction of the grid and the 3d operations of components within the grid structure. Diverse logics of surfacing and manipulation of surface demonstrate a shifting and multiple form of spatial construct.

The following images present an initial product of this research – manipulations of varied grids and surface accumulations:

150226_Grid 42

150226_Grid 43

150226_Grid 44

150226_Grid 45

150226_Grid 46

150226_Grid 47

150226_Grid 48

150226_Grid 49

150226_Grid 410

150226_Grid 411

150226_Grid 412

150226_Grid 413

150226_Grid 414

150226_Grid 415

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