a-project is further developing the morphology of grid structures with the “patterning” of interlocking configurations of grid construction within a digitally scripted framework. This developing movement within the grid is to be tested within projects at a variety of scales that again are responsive to specific contexts and contingent factors that influence the rhythm and occupancy of the grid.

a-project is developing the possibilities of a fully controlled ordering mechanism that is then subject to the disturbances and interruptions of context. The grids and occupancy of grid shown in an abstracted and isolated condition, but with the capacity to be applicable at scales from field conditions of urban context through to individual building elements and components.

This development of the approach extends the framework construction of the grid with additional manipulation of “patterning” modules, and further develops the 3d operations of components within the grid structure.

The following images present an initial product of this research – manipulations of varied grids, components and surface accumulations:

150305_Grid 6

150305_Grid 62

150305_Grid 63

150305_Grid 64

150305_Grid 65

150305_Grid 66

150305_Grid 67

150305_Grid 68

150305_Grid 69


150305_Grid 611

150305_Grid 612

150305_Grid 613

150305_Grid 614

150305_Grid 616

150305_Grid 617

150305_Grid 618

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