a-project is developing the operations of grid structures in relationship to external boundaries and internal “seams”. This develops a flexible and malleable mesh network that can both be responsive and controlled with specific contingent sensitivities and algorithmic serial distortions. These “networks” are moderated by external boundaries or internal interstitial seams and will be tested within projects at a variety of scales that are responsive to local contingent variables.

a-project is developing the possibilities of these “networks” that are then subject to the disturbances and interruptions of context and the problematic situation of specific programmes and uses. The networks continue to be shown in an abstracted and isolated condition, but with the capacity to be applicable at scales from field conditions through to individual building elements, structures and components.

The following images present an initial product of this research:

150323_Boundary 1_

150323_Boundary 1_2150323_Boundary 1_3

150323_Boundary 1_4

150323_Boundary 1_5

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