a-project is developing a framework of component typologies that are applicable at a variety of scales and contexts. Developing a rigour of “component” operations that respond to the specific manipulations and contingent implications of “grid”.

a-project is developing the possibilities of these components as an ongoing framework of multiple possibilities for architectural occupation – from material element distributions, field grid structures, urban landscapes or fenestration details.

The following images present an initial product of this research:

150420_Component 1_

150420_Component 1_2

150420_Component 1_3

150420_Component 1_4

150420_Component 1_5

150420_Component 1_6

150420_Component 1_7

150420_Component 1_8

150420_Component 1_9

150420_Component 1_10

150420_Component 1_11

150420_Component 1_12

150420_Component 1_13

150420_Component 1_14

150420_Component 1_15

150420_Component 1_16

150420_Component 1_17

150420_Component 1_18

150420_Component 1_19

150420_Component 1_20150420_Component 1_21

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