a-project in collaboration with U-LA have submitted a competition entry for modular “parklets” in London. Our design proposed a series of “Street Clouds”. These “Street Clouds” would be formally diverse, temporary and fleeting spaces that would raise awareness of the air quality challenges of the city, as well as leave a lasting legacy of infrastructural change. Clouds embody a dynamic and varied image of the sky and are a familiar image of fresh air and natural cycles – cycles which have been so significantly interrupted and distorted by human activity. They inherently have both transitory and captivating formal qualities, and are classified as an interrelated family of types – each with specific characteristics and properties that result in an endless range of beautiful skies. The “Street Clouds”, therefore, would evolve as a family of parklets that would have compelling and varied forms of sky to excite and inspire, but also house the technological monitoring, planting strategies and physical infrastructural interventions in the ground that will contribute to the evolution of sustainable approaches to urban living.

U-LA link:


The following images present a summary of the modular proposals and the varied formal manifestations of the “clouds”:











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