a-project is developing the logics of “room” distribution with divergent underlying grid constructions – the spatial configurations of room compartments extended as multiple compositions of spatial sequences with differing ordering principles. These “room” arrangements respond to localised grid and contingent influences on the assembly. The multiple spatial field is constructed as an involving manipulation of grid and room occupation.

The room assembly develops as rigorous and flexible fields of spatial operations that respond to localised manipulations and contingent implications of “grid”. The potential constructions and typologies of spatial sequence reflecting varying degrees of formal complexity.

a-project is developing these “assembly” studies as an ongoing framework that suggests multiple possibilities for spatial definition and occupation. In this instance forming an evolving logic of a series of compartment sequence and arrangement. These constructions investigate the spatial potential of diverse reconstructions of multiple 3d grid envelopes and the associated reconstructions of “room” relationships.

The following images present an initial product of this research:











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