a-project was established as a flexible model of architectural practice – to respond to a variety of scales of work and contexts of design. It is founded on 3 key skill areas drawn from previous employment experience:

  1. Commercial experience – in-depth understanding, management and delivery of complex commercial projects – successfully delivering planning consent for large-scale urban regeneration schemes and developing proposals for a variety of mixed-use developments
  2. Delivered projects – built experience of a variety of public / private projects including housing, education and cultural work with limited resources and timescales
  3. Speculative projects and research – experience and continued development of speculative work and research that advances new approaches to design and practice, incorporation of technology and continued interrogation of ways of working

a-project consequently provides a unique architectural offer which can be developed alongside a wide variety of scales and kinds of project – bringing with it an understanding of commercial pressures and complexities of large-scale development, knowledge of specific technical issues and budgetary constraints of building projects and an expertise in advanced research and speculative thinking regarding ways of working and producing new environments and spaces.

a-project also sees every project as an opportunity to explore associated projects – drawing on a variety of alternative practices to explore new ways of working that can redefine or influence an approach to producing new environments.

a-project can provide architectural services and consultancy in collaboration for the following:

  • masterplanning and urban design (feasibility, outline planning, masterplan overview)
  • mixed-use schemes (feasibility / design / planning)
  • public realm / landscape / ecology (feasibility / design)
  • housing (feasibility, design, planning, documentation)
  • public projects (education / culture / infrastructure sectors)
  • houses (feasibility, design, planning, documentation, contract administration)
  • installations (rooms / spaces / pavilions)
  • building elements (wall systems, stairs etc.)

a-project also provides associated project services – developing opportunities for graphic representation and investigation of the project work to inform the design or the communication of the project in alternative ways (drawing, writing, filming etc.)

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