ceiling 1 _ soffit frames and perforations

a-project is developing the implications for a framed and surfaced ceiling construction utilising manipulations of grid and a framework of component typologies and perforations. Developing a rigour of operations on a soffit condition that respond to localised manipulations and contingent implications of “grid” and the potential of “component” typologies within this grid.

a-project is developing these “ceiling” studies as an ongoing framework of multiple possibilities for architectural occupation. In this instance developing an evolving logic of “room” occupation and spatial delineation.

The following images present an initial product of this research:

150502_Ceiling 1_

150502_Ceiling 1_2

150502_Ceiling 1_3

150502_Ceiling 1_4

150502_Ceiling 1_5

150502_Ceiling 1_6

150502_Ceiling 1_7

150502_Ceiling 1_8

150502_Ceiling 1_9