field 2 _ urban typologies

a-project is developing density and typology studies derived from the exploration of field accumulation and constraint within flexible grids and experience of large-scale regeneration. Diverse opportunities for flexible configurations of typology “components” shaped by specific grid constraints and narratives of scale / physical emphasis allow for the rapid, iterative and dynamic growth of large-scale development and design possibilities.

The following images present some initial examples of the possibilities in a more conventional structure of masterplan configuration:

141203_Field 2

141203_Field 22

141203_Field 23

141203_Field 24

141203_Field 25

elephant park – west grove

a-project has submitted the ongoing site-wide reconciliation of Elephant Park in support of the West Grove Reserved Matters application within the consented masterplan framework (West Grove phase designed by AHMM and Panter Hudspith on behalf of Lend Lease). This phase represents another key milestone in the emerging transformation of this part of central London, and will deliver 593 homes across two plots.

a-project continues to provide on-going site-wide services regarding the optimisation, reconciliation, co-ordination and support of the detailed phases of the masterplan framework as they develop over the life of the project.

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140909_1001_E&C_MP2_Reconciliation Statement_LOW RES_ALL-13

140909_1001_E&C_MP2_Reconciliation Statement_LOW RES_ALL-23

elephant park masterplan

a-project has been appointed to provide strategic advice and Masterplan Overview services regarding the site-wide development of the Elephant Park Masterplan at the Elephant and Castle. The Outline Masterplan was designed by Make on behalf of Lend Lease.

a-project will provide on-going site-wide services to support the detailed phases of the Masterplan framework as they emerge over the life of the project, as well as provide co-ordination and optimisation services and input into the site wide strategies of the consent.

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