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grid 11 _ roof constructions

a-project is developing the implications for a framed and surfaced grid construction utilising manipulations of grid and a framework of component typologies and framing intensities. Developing a rigour of operations on a framed roof condition that respond to localised manipulations and contingent implications of “grid” […]

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grid 3 _ construction

a-project is developing applications of a flexible and multiple approach to grid construction and occupation with algorithmically varied occupancy, grid definition and structural construction. a-project continues to develop a fully digitally controlled structure of grid manipulation to be deployed at a wide range of shifting […]

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module tectonics 2 _ frame

a-project is developing flexible frameworks of modular tectonics – exploring versatile structures of frame and module manipulation as enclosures that move between “frame”, “surface”, “space” and “object” and allow for complex descriptions formed from primitive architectural elements. The constructions allow for the multiple translations and […]

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