vertical circulation 1 _ straight flight

a-project is developing the implications for vertical circulation strategies that are constructed as an involving manipulation of grid with an associated framework of the generic stair component typologies of tread, structure, balustrade and handrail. Developing a rigour and flexibility of stair operations that respond to localised manipulations and contingent implications of “grid” and the potential of “component” typologies within this grid.

a-project is developing these stair studies as an ongoing framework that suggests multiple possibilities for architectural elements. In this instance forming an evolving logic of vertical circulation, and investigating the spatial potential of diverse speeds and configurations of a straight stair run. Stair designs that evolve with the component iterations / serial deviations of structure and formal translations of simplicity or increased complexity.

The following images present an initial product of this research:

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_2

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_3

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_4

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_5

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_6

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_7

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_8

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_9

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_10

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_11

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_12

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_13

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_14

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_15

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_16

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_17

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_18

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_19

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_20

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_21

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_22

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_23

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_24

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_25

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_26

150608_Vertical Circulation_1_27